]*>","")" /> 12S rRNA 在黑麂和黄麂物种鉴定中的应用

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12S rRNA 在黑麂和黄麂物种鉴定中的应用

贺培建 阮向东 方盛国   

  1. 浙江大学生命科学学院, 国家濒危野生动植物种质基因保护中心, 濒危野生动物保护遗传与繁殖教育部重点实验室
  • 出版日期:2005-07-05 发布日期:2008-07-07

Application of 12S rRNA in the identif ication of Muntiacus crinifons and Muntiacus reevesi

HE Peijian RUAN Xiangdong FANG Shengguo   

  • Online:2005-07-05 Published:2008-07-07

关键词: 黑麂, 黄麂, 12S rRNA, 鉴定

Abstract: The gene of 12S rRNA exhibits a high degree of conservation during animal evolution. Its sequence shows partial difference among species but little variation among individuals of the same species. Therefore , the 12S rRNA could be used to perform intra-and inter-specific identification studies. All the deer of genus Muntiacus become endangered due to excessive poaching and thus protected by Chinas Wildlife Protection Law at the national and provincial level. In this study , we employed the sequencing of 12S rRNA to identify two confiscated samples and found out that the two samples were Muntiacus crinifons and Muntiacus reevesi , respectively. The sequence of the 12S rRNA adopted in this study proved to be a suitable genetic marker for species identification of conservation animals.

Key words: Muntiacus crinifons, Muntiacus reevesi, 12S rRNA, Identification