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Survey on the resources status of dugong in Hainan Province,China

WANG Peilie, HAN Jiabo, MA Zhiqiang, WANG Nianbin   

  • Online:2007-03-17 Published:2008-07-07


王丕烈, 韩家波, 马志强, 王年斌   

  1. 辽宁省海洋水产科学研究院,大连

Abstract: In order to provide scientific data for establishing a dugong (Dugong dugon) nature reserve in Hainan Province,we investigated the marine environment and the status of dugongs along the west cost of Hainan Island, November 2001-October 2002. Questionnaire surveys in Guangxi and Guangdong as well as Hainan were also conducted during this time. We documented dugongs in the coastal waters of Hepu County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,but found no dugongs along the west coast of Hainan. Seagrass beds in the traditional habitats of dugong were destroyed and had disappeared in some areas. We believe that conditions are not presently conducive to establishment of a dugong nature reserve in Hainan. The dugong population has been reduced by human activities and ecosystem deterioration. Effective measures and an integrated management system are needed to conserve dugongs and their habitats.

Key words: Beibu Gulf, Dugong (Dugong dugon), Hainan Province

摘要: 为拟在海南省建立儒艮自然保护区提供科学依据,于2001 年11 月至2002 年10 月在海南省西部沿岸海域进行了为期一年的海洋环境综合调查和儒艮海上目视调查。此外还在海南省及广西壮族自治区、广东省进行了有关访问调查。调查结果表明,在广西沿岸合浦海域仍有儒艮存在。但在海南省西海域近岸未发现儒艮,且原有儒艮栖息地的海草均被破坏消失,认为目前建立海南儒艮自然保护区的条件尚不成熟。儒艮资源减少的主要原因是受人类活动加剧的影响,以及生态环境不断恶化,威胁着本种的生存。为此,亟待采取有效的管理措施和健全管理机制,加强对儒艮资源及其栖息地的保护。

关键词: 儒艮, 海南省, 北部湾