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WANG Yingxiang,JIANG Xuelong, FENG Qing, CHEN Zhiping, WANG Weiming   

  • Online:2006-06-29 Published:2008-07-07


王应祥, 蒋学龙, 冯庆, 陈志平, 王为民   

  1. 中国科学院昆明动物研究所

Abstract:   Leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) is a small carnivore widely distributed and diversified in eastern and southeastern, Asia. It is one of the important economic furbearing mammals in China. Yunnan, a frontier mountainous province, possesses the most abundant of leopard cat resources in China. There are five subspecies of leopard cat in China, two of them are distributed in Yunnan, P. b. scripta distributed in the North, and P. b. bengalensis in the South and Middle of Yunnan. According to the hides sold per 10 km2 in specific administ rative divisions, from 1973 to 1987, there appeared three abundant areas. The high abundant area (1.9~2.1 hides purchased per 10 km2 ) is in South and Southeast, Yunnan; middle abundant area (0.9~ 1.2 hides purchased per 10 km2) , is in middle and southwestern Yunnan; and the last, lower abundant area (under 0.6 hides purchased per 10 km2) , in the North and Xishuang banna,southern Yunnan. Based on the survey of 16 transectlines in 1992 and the analysis of hides of leopard cats in Yunnan was estimated about 90 000~170 000 animals. The data of hidest rade (from 1954 to1992) also gave us a clue that leopard cat resources would be sustainable in Yunnan if we keep the amount of harvest under 30 000 animals each year, for the average hides purchase during 39 year was 29 988, and showed a stable purchasing trend during these years. In order to make leopard cats a sustainable resources, it is important to put it in the protected animal lists, to enhance resources management and conservation, to establish monitoring systems.

Key words: Leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), Abundance, Sustainable utilization, Conservation, Yunnan

摘要: 本文通过标本清理、野外样带数量调查和收购皮张的统计分析, 对云南豹猫的资源量、分布、致危因素、可持续利用、科学管理与保护作了研究。结果表明: 云南的豹猫分为2个亚种即:(1) 指名亚种(Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis) , 分布于云南南部和中部; (2) 川西亚种(P. b.scripta) , 分布于云南北部。豹猫在云南各地的分布依数量的多少可分为3个密度区, 数量最多的地区(高密度区) 仅位于云南东南部。根据3种不同测算法的测算, 云南1992年的豹猫资源储量估计为9~17万只。如果每年的猎取量不超过1954~1992年云南豹猫36年的年均毛皮收购量(约3万张) , 云南豹猫可以持续地利用而不会造成资源的破坏。把豹猫列入我国国家或省级重点保护野生动物名单、理顺豹猫皮收购、经营、流通和外贸出口的体制, 加强豹猫资源的管理与保护是当前对豹猫资源进行管理以及可持续利用的首要任务。

关键词: 豹猫, 资源量, 可持续利用, 保护, 云南