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Cloning and sequencing of HDAC1 coding cDNA sequence from Tibetan antelope (Pantholops hodgsonii)

LIU Fang,GE Rili   

  1. Research Center of High Altitude Medicine,Medical College of Qinghai University,Xining 810001,China
  • Online:2011-12-06 Published:2011-03-02

藏羚羊组蛋白去乙酰化酶1 基因编码区的克隆与序列分析

刘芳, 格日力   

  1. (青海大学医学院高原医学研究中心,西宁 810001)


In order to explore the correlation between chronic hypoxia adaptation mechanism and a hypoxic environment at high altitude, the coding region of the HDAC1 gene was cloned for the first time from the total RNA of Tibetan antelope’s cardiac muscle using RT-PCR. The encoding sequence was 1 449 bp in full length encoding 482 amino acids with a predicted molecular weight of about 55 kDa. Sequence analysis showed that the coding region of the HDAC1 gene cloned from the total RNA of Tibetan antelope shared more than 90% similarity with that of other mammals, in which the similarity reached as much as 98.27%. The amino acid sequence of HDAC1 of Tibetan antelope was 98.76% - 99.59% similar with that of other mammals, which was highly conservative. Cluster analysis of the molecular phylogenetic tree based on the HDCA1 gene sequences and constructed by the NJ method showed that the Tibetan antelope and the cow were classified to one cluster, which was basically consistent with the evolutionary relationship of traditional species. The successful cloning of the coding region of the HDAC1 gene from Tibetan antelope lays a foundation for further revealing the genetic mechanism of the Tibetan antelopes adaption to chronic hypoxia.

Key words: Gene cloning, Histone deacetylase 1, Hypoxic adapation, Tibetan antelope

摘要: 为探讨藏羚羊的低氧适应机制与高原低氧环境的相关性,采用RT-PCR 技术,首次从藏羚羊心肌组织总DNA 中克隆出组蛋白去乙酰化酶1 (Histone deacetylase1,HDAC1)基因的编码区序列。该序列全长为1 449 bp,
编码482 个氨基酸,预测其蛋白质分子量约为55 kDa。序列分析表明,藏羚羊HDAC1 基因的编码区序列与其它哺乳动物相似性超过90% ,其中与牛的相似性最高为98.27% ;它的氨基酸序列与其它哺乳动物的相似性达到
98.76% ~ 99.59%,显示出极高的保守性。利用邻接法(Neighbor-Joining,NJ 法)构建的分子系统进化树聚类结果表明,藏羚羊与牛先聚为一类,该聚类结果与传统的物种进化关系基本一致。藏羚羊HDAC1 基因编码区的成

关键词: 藏羚羊, 组蛋白去乙酰化酶1, 基因克隆, 低氧适应