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Polymorphism of partial sequence of FSHR genes and their association with some reproductive traits in yaks


  • Online:2012-08-24 Published:2012-08-20

牦牛FSHR 基因部分序列多态性及其与繁殖性状的关联分析

王明亮 高旭东 陈鹏 郝明超 刘犇 余四九   

  1. 甘肃农业大学动物医学院

Abstract: To provide a basic information for solving the long-time calving interval in yak through the method of selective breeding,the present study was carried out to analyze the polymorphism of the 5’flank region and exon 1 of the follicle stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR)gene,and to determine their association with reproductive traits.PCR-SSCP assay was used to screen the polymorphisms of FSHR gene in 667 yaks from 4 yak breeds. A least square linear model was used to determine the relationship between the polymorphism of FSHR gene and calving interval.Three fragments of 940 bp in size for yak FSHR gene were amplified and sequenced,including the 5’flank region and exon 1. It had high homology with the corresponding sequences of other mammalian species both at mRNA and amino acid levels.Altogether 9 mutation sites were found and one of them was in the open reading frame with leading to synonymous mutation. The calving intervals among different populations were significantly different (P < 0. 05). No significant difference (P >0.05)existed between calving interval in different genotypes of the FSHR gene,while a trend for shortening calving interval was found in the genotypes of AB, LL,LM,LN and RT.

摘要: 本研究旨在分析牦牛FSHR 基因5’端及第一外显子的多态性,并分析其与繁殖性状的关联性,为从遗传角度上解决牦牛产犊间隔过长的问题提供参考。以4 个种群的667 头牦牛为研究对象,应用PCR-SSCP 方法检测FSHR 基因的多态性,并用最小二乘法分析雌性个体该基因多态性与产犊间隔的关系。结果表明,三个扩增片段共获得牦牛FSHR 基因940 bp 的序列,由5’端和第一外显子组成,与其它哺乳动物的对应序列有较高的同源性。共发现9 处突变位点,其中一处位于开放阅读框内,但属于同义突变。不同种群间的产犊间隔差异显著(P <0. 05);FSHR 基因不同基因型对产犊间隔影响差异不显著(P > 0. 05),但AB、LL、LM、LN 及RT 基因型均有缩短牦牛产犊间隔的趋势。

关键词: 牦牛, FSHR基因, 多态性, 繁殖性状, 关联分析