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Feeding activity of François langurs in Karst habitat

ZHOU Qihai,CAI Xiangwen,HUANG Chengming,LI Youbang,LUO Yaping   

  • Online:2007-08-31 Published:2008-07-07


周岐海, 蔡湘文, 黄乘明, 李友邦, 罗亚平   

  1. 广西师范大学生命科学学院,桂林

Abstract: To explore the influence of habitat fragmentation on the ecology of the François langur (Trachypithecus francoisi), data on habitat use were collected from a group of François langurs living in an isolated hill in the Fusui Rare Animal Nature Reserve,Guangxi Province,between August 2002 and July 2003. Our results indicated that there was significant variation in the distribution of feeding activity in different vertical hill zones They showed preference for feeding in the middle zone. The top zone,as well as the bottom zone were used less for feeding. Langurs' feeding activities were concentrated in six patches,with a total area of 7.94 ha,which occupied 18.9% of the habitat. The densities of langurs' preferred food plants in the feeding patches were higher than that in the non-feeding patches. Langurs' diet varied according to season, even though leaves contributed a large proportion of the diet. This diet shift corresponded to seasonal variations in the utilization of feeding patches.

Key words: Franç, ois langur (Trachypithecus francoisi), Karst habitat, Feeding activity, Seasonality

摘要: 2002 年8 月至2003 年7 月,对一群生活在广西扶绥珍稀动物保护区内孤立石山中的黑叶猴进行观察,通过收集有关栖息地利用的数据,从中探讨栖息地的破碎化对其生态习性的影响。研究结果表明:猴群的觅食活动在石山各个部位的分布存在着显著差异,它们更偏好在山腰觅食(66.1% ),而较少利用山脚(18.6% )和山顶(15.3% )。从横向水平来看,猴群的觅食活动主要集中在6 个觅食斑块,总面积为7.94 hm2 ,约占栖息地面积的18.9%。觅食斑快中黑叶猴喜食食物的植株密度明显高于非觅食斑块。虽然树叶在黑叶猴食物组成中占绝大部分,但其食物组成具有明显的季节性变化。与之相对应,猴群对觅食斑块的利用也表现出明显的季节性差异。

关键词: 黑叶猴, 喀斯特石山生境, 觅食活动, 季节性