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Mating behavior of captive wolves (Canis lupus) in Heilongjiang,China

SHA Weilai,ZHANG Honghai,KONG Fanfan,CHEN Lei,ZHANG Chengde   

  1. Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Xining 810001,China
  • Online:2010-11-29 Published:2010-03-02


沙未来, 张洪海, 孔繁繁, 陈磊, 张承德   

  1. 中国科学院西北高原生物研究所,西宁 810001

Abstract: In order to better understand mating patterns and processes of captive wolves (Canis lupus), we observed 4 pairs in the Harbin North Forest Zoo for about 25 days (225 hours in total)from October 2005 to April 2006. We used focal animal sampling and all occurrence recording. Mating behaviors usually occurred during 8∶ 00 - 10∶00 am and 14∶00 -16∶ 00 pm. Among 741 mounts recorded,46 copulations were observed (6. 2% ). The mating period lasted for 5 - 14 days. We observed copulatory locks during copulations. After copulatory lock and several repeated twitches,male wolves would ejaculate. Female wolves displayed obvious sexual solicitations and acted in concert with male mounts by standing
still with their tails to one side,and haunches bent forward. There were no differences in the twitching times (P = 0. 827), but we did observe differences in the durations of copulatory locks (one-way ANOVA,F = 71.43,P < 0.001) among the four male wolves. The mean mating duration was 534 ±402 seconds,with the longest 1 588 seconds and the shortest 28 seconds.

Key words: Copulation, Mating behavior, Wolf (Canis lupus)

摘要: 2005 年10 月至2006 年4 月,采用焦点动物取样法和全事件扫描取样法,对黑龙江省哈尔滨北方森林动园4 对圈养狼交配活动进行了观察,以期了解无人干扰下圈养狼的交配过程及其交配模式。观察时间共计25 d, 225 h,实际录像时间为126 h,记录到爬跨741 次,成功交配46 次,成功爬跨交配占总爬跨次数的6. 2% 。狼在交配过程中有锁结现象,雄狼通常在一次爬跨、多次抽动后出现射精。交配行为一般发生在8∶ 00 ~10∶ 00和14∶00 ~ 16∶ 00。雌性具有明显的邀配模式,一旦邀配成功,雌狼站立不动,尾巴偏向一侧,腰部微下躬,配合雄狼爬跨。对交配参数进行单因素方差分析,4 只雄狼的抽插时间没有差异(P = 0. 827),而其锁结行为的时间差异极其显著(F = 71.43,P <0.001),交配期持续5 ~ 14 d,交配平均持续时间为534 ± 402 s,最长达1 588 s,
最短只有28 s。

关键词: 交配行为, 狼, 交配