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Taxonomy and conservation status of gibbons in China


  • Online:2012-08-24 Published:2012-08-20



  1. 大理学院

Abstract: This paper reviews the taxonomy and conservation status of gibbons (Hylobatidae)and provides basic and comprehensive data for future conservation and research of gibbons in China. Based on the latest taxonomy of gibbons,4 genera and 17 species are recognized. Of these,6 species in 3 genera (Nomascus concolor, N. nasutus, N. hainanus,
N. leucogenys,Hoolock leuconedys,Hylobates lar
)are distributed in China. Gibbons once were widely distributed in China, but are now restricted in Yunnan,Guangxi and Hainan because of habitat loss and degradation,and hunting. Conservation of gibbons in China is an urgent problem. H. lar and N. leucogenys might have disappeared from China;the populations of N. nasutus,N. hainanus are less than 30 individuals;the populations of H.leuconedys is less than 200 individuals; and as for the largest population,N. concolor has 1 000 -1 300 individuals. Law enforcement,conservation awareness education,promotion of popular science,and long-term conservation oriented research will help to conserve China’s last surviving gibbons.

摘要: 根据最新的长臂猿科分类系统和近年来开展的多次长臂猿调查,本文对我国长臂猿科的分类和保护进行了全面的回顾和综述,将为以后中国长臂猿的研究和保护提供基础资料。长臂猿科(Hylobatidae) 分为4 个属(Nomascus,Symphalangus,Hylobates, Hoolock ) 17 个种,其中我国分布有3 属6 种: 西黑冠长臂猿(N. concolor)、东黑冠长臂猿(N. nasutus)、海南长臂猿(N.hainanus)、北白颊长臂猿(N. leucogenys)、东白眉长臂猿(Hoolock leuconedys)和白掌长臂猿(Hylobates lar)。长臂猿曾经广泛分布于我国大部分地区,受栖息地丧失、退化和猎杀等因素的影响,目前长臂猿仅分布于云南、广西和海南等地。我国长臂猿的保护形势十分严峻,白掌长臂猿和北白颊长臂猿可能已经从中国消失;东黑冠长臂猿和海南长臂猿的数量都不足30 只,接近灭绝边缘;东白眉长臂猿的数量不足200 只;即使是数量最多的西黑冠长臂猿,其数量也仅有1 000 至1 300 只。严格执法、意识教育、科普宣传、长期的科学研究将有利于我国的长臂猿保护。

关键词: 长臂猿, 分类, 数量, 保护, 中国