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Comparative proteomics studies of Bactrian camel follicular fluid between the different periods of follicular development

TAO Jinzhong,ZHAO Guoshun,HU Junjie,LIU Shanshan,ZHANG Yong,ZHAO Xingxu   

  • Online:2014-02-21 Published:2014-02-21


陶金忠 赵国顺 胡俊杰 刘姗姗 张勇 赵兴绪   

  1. 宁夏大学农学院

Abstract: The aim was to identify differentially expressed proteins in the follicular fluid. Follicles were collected from the Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus)and divided into six groups according to their diameter,and crude follicular fluid samples were analyzed by 2 - dimensional gel electrophoresis (2 - DE). Differential protein spots were detected by
PDQuest 8 0 software after staining with commassie blue. Thirteen differentially expressed proteins were found from the six classes of developmental follicles. These spots were identified by LC-MS/ MS. Seven unique proteins was found,including hemoglobin,toll-like receptor 9,antithrombin,recombination activating protein 1, polyubiquitin, transmembrane and coiled coil domain protein 3,and gamma fibrinogen. Based on existing knowledge of their functions and patterns of expression, we hypothesize that toll-like receptor 9,polyubiquitin,gamma fibrinogen and recombination activating protein 1 might play significant roles in the development and maturation of oocytes,and ovarian follicular growth and development. This study provides a solid basis for further research on the processes and mechanisms which regulate follicular development and oocyte maturation in Bactrian camel

Key words: Camelus bactrianus, Follicular development, Follicular fluid, Proteomic analysis, 2 - DE

摘要: 为了比较双峰驼卵泡发育过程中卵泡液中差异表达的蛋白质,将卵泡按照直径分为6 类,运用双向电泳技术构建双峰驼卵泡液蛋白质二维凝胶电泳图谱,凝胶经考马斯亮蓝染色后用PDQuest 8. 0 检测差异蛋白,结果表明在6 类大小不同的卵泡中共检测到13 个差异蛋白点,这些蛋白点经LC -MS/ MS 鉴定出7 种不同的蛋白质,它们分别是:血红蛋白、toll-like 受体9、抗凝血酶、聚泛素、γ 纤维蛋白原、重组活化蛋白1 和跨膜与卷曲螺旋域3。基于这些蛋白的功能和表达模式,结合实验结果讨论了这些蛋白质在生殖中的功能,发现toll-like 受体9、聚泛素、γ 纤维蛋白原和重组活化蛋白1 可能与卵泡发育或卵母细胞的成熟有关。这些蛋白质的发现为了解双峰驼卵泡发育和卵母细胞成熟的生理机制奠定基础。

关键词: 双峰驼, 卵泡发育, 卵泡液, 蛋白质组学分析, 双向电泳