ACTA THERIOLOGICA SINICA ›› 2023, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (1): 122-128.DOI: 10.16829/j.slxb.150680

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Rediscovery of Theobald's tomb bat (Taphozous theobaldi, Chiroptera, Emballonuridae) from Guangdong, China

LI Yannan, LIANG Xiaoling, XIE Huixian, DENG Wenpu, HE Minyi, YU Wenhua, WU Yi   

  1. School of Life Sciences, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou 510006, China
  • Received:2022-04-07 Revised:2022-07-05 Published:2023-01-10


李彦男, 梁晓玲, 谢慧娴, 邓汶圃, 何敏怡, 余文华, 吴毅   

  1. 华南生物多样性保护与利用重点实验室, 广州大学生命科学学院, 广州 510006
  • 通讯作者: 余文华,;吴毅,
  • 作者简介:李彦男(1996-),男,硕士研究生,主要从事动物分类与多样性保护研究.
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Abstract: A series of tomb bats were captured in a cave by using harp traps in Longmen County, Guangdong Province, China (23o35'18″N, 114o17'53″E, 91 m a. s. l.), between 2007 and 2020. The bats were similar in appearance but of different sizes. Six of them are morphologically and morphometrically similar to Taphozous theobaldi rather than Taphozous melanopogon. Both principal component analysis and discrimination analysis suggested the separation between T. theobaldi and T. melanopogon. T. theobaldi exhibits an elongated posterior orbital process and a well-developed pterygoid bone. Such identifications are also supported by the phylogenetic inferences using a segment of of Cyt b mitochondrial gene. Given that no traceable T. theobaldi specimens were reported since the first records in 1984, our finding represents the field rediscovery of this species after nearly 40 years.

Key words: Chiroptera (Bats), Theobald's tomb bat (Taphozous theobaldi), Black-breaded tomb bat (Taphozous melanopogon), Guangdong Province, Rediscovery

关键词: 翼手目(蝙蝠), 大墓蝠, 黑髯墓蝠, 广东省, 再发现

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