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LIAO Yianfa, LUO Huanwen, LIOU Dening, XU Shuren, YUAN Binkui   

  1. Xining People's Park
  • Online:2011-11-23 Published:2011-11-22


廖炎发, 罗焕文, 刘德宁, 许树仁, 袁秉奎   

  1. 西宁市人民公园

Abstract: This paper deals with the oestrus, mating, pregnancy, parturition and breast-feeding of the ounces,as well as the behaviour and growth of youngs.The oestrus of ounces usually occurs in Apring, but for some times mayoccur in early summer. A female ounce began to have an oestrus on March 5 - 7, 1984 and was mated with a male in Xining People's Park, QinghaiProvince.The female ounce gave birth to 3 youngs on July 13.The pregnancyperiod was 99 days.This is the first reproduction record of ounces in China.The young ounces opened eyes on 8 - 9 th days postnatal, and was able to see moving things within one metre on 23th day, to see immobile things within two metres on 40th day postnatal and to see anything within 5 metres on 60th day postnatal. The eye-sight of young ounces are as same as that of the adult on 90th day postnatal.The senses of hearing and smelling of young ounces are highly sensitive.The authors have also studied the relation between the body weights and the body measurements and the average food intake of 3 young ounces, some measures were taken for the reproduction of ounces, such as the increase of light supply and physical exercises, the feeding with living animals and the control of eating quantity.

Key words: Ounce, Panthera uncia, Rearing, Breeding

摘要: 雪豹(Panthera uncia Schreber)是典型的高山动物,终年生活在气候寒冷、光照充足、海拔3200—5300米的高寒山区。我国主要分布在青海、西藏、新疆、甘肃、四川等省区。现已列为我国一类保护动物。 据世界动物园年刊统计,1967年以前,在全世界33个动物园中供观赏的雪豹共有46只(不包括我国数字),其中仅有15只是在人工饲养条件下出生的(苏联考纳斯动物园,1968)。1983年我国各地动物园供观赏的雪豹共35只。尽管在北京、上海、大连、银川、烟台、乌鲁木齐、西宁等7个动物园中均有雌雄配对的雪豹,但繁殖问题一直未获解决。

关键词: 雪豹, 饲养, 繁殖