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Intestinal parasites of Tianshan red deer (Cervus elaphus songaricus)in Nanshan Mountains areas in Xinjiang

Amila Ablat,Risalat Trudy,Aysajan Tohti,Rizihan Abduheni,ZHOU Canlin,Mahmut Halik   

  • Online:2014-02-21 Published:2014-02-21


阿米拉·阿布来提 日沙来提·吐尔地 艾萨江·图合提 日孜汗·阿布地艾尼 周璨林 马合木提·哈力克   

  1. 新疆大学生命科学与技术学院

Abstract: The study was aimed at evaluating the status of intestinal helminth infections in the Tianshan red deer (Cervus elaphus songaricus)in Nanshan Mountains areas of Xinjiang. During about a 1 - year period-October 2010 until June 2012,and September 2012,a total of 306 faecal samples were examined by using Standard coprologic parasitological procedures. The results of the survey showed that a high prevalence of deer helminthiasis existed in Tianshan red deer and the infection rate was as high as 85. 6% . Trichuridea, Ascarididea,Coccidiosis,unknown nematode eggs and larvae were found,at prevalences of 78.1% ,56.9% ,0. 7% and 25. 8% and with their mean infection intensities 106.4,8.6,0.9 and 3.9,respectively. The predominant helminth was Trichuridea. Mixed infection by two nematodes (Trichuridea and Ascarididea)was most common with infection rate of 44% .

Key words: Fecal egg output, Intestinal parasite, Tianshan red deer

摘要: 为了解野生天山马鹿胃肠道寄生虫感染情况,2011 年10 月至2012 年6 月和2012 年9 月,利用漂浮法和沉淀法,对分布于新疆乌鲁木齐南山山区天山马鹿的306 份马鹿粪便进行了调查。结果表明,天山马鹿寄生虫感染情况较为严重,主要有鞭虫卵、蛔虫卵、球虫卵、线虫卵和幼虫,总感染率高达85. 6% 。其中鞭虫卵、蛔虫卵、球虫卵及其他(未能鉴定分类的线虫卵和幼虫)的平均感染率分别为78.1% 、56. 9% 、0.7% 和25. 8% ,感染强度(EPG)分别为106.4、8. 6、0.9 和3.9,其中鞭虫卵占优势。混合感染情况比较严重,鞭虫卵和蛔虫卵的混合感染率为最高,可达44% 。

关键词: 天山马鹿, 肠道寄生虫, 粪卵计数