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Morphological and Cyt b sequence divergence of Hipposideros larvatus from Hainan and Guangxi Provinces,China

ZHAO Lezhen,BU Yanzhen,HE Xinping,ZHOU Huixian,YU Yan,NIU Hongxing   

  1. College of Life Science,Henan Normal University
  • Online:2014-08-15 Published:2014-11-26
  • Contact: NIU Hongxing

海南和广西中蹄蝠形态及Cyt b 基因序列的比较

赵乐桢 卜艳珍 贺新平 周会先 余燕 牛红星   

  1. 河南师范大学生命科学学院
  • 通讯作者: 牛红星
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Abstract: The subdivision,distribution and effectiveness of Hipposideros larvatus subspecies are not yet clear. Domestic scholars hold different views To explore the morphological differences and subspecies differentiation of H. larvatus from different districts of China,17 external and 25 skull indicators of H. larvatus from Guangxi and Hainan Provinces were measured and analyzed by using SPSS 13. 0. Through Mega 5,their Cyt b gene sequences were compared. Principal components analyses and discriminant analyses indicated that there were distinct differences in both the external and skull measurements of H. larvatus, which was consistent with the result of Cyt b gene sequence alignment. In terms of six of 17 external characteristics,and ten out of 25 skull indicators,the number of discrepant individuals exceeded 75% . Sequence divergence of H. larvatus from the two provinces was 3. 7% - 4. 4%. These results showed that the variation of H. larvatus of the two provinces reached Subspecies classification levels in aspects of external,skull and Cyt b gene sequence. H. larvatus from Hainan and Guangxi Provinces should belong to different subspecies.

Key words: Cyt b gene sequence, Hipposideros larvatus, Morphological characteristics

摘要: 中蹄蝠亚种的划分、分布及有效性尚不清楚,国内学者的观点不一致。为了探讨中国不同地区中蹄蝠的形态差异和亚种分化,运用软件SPSS 13. 0 对广西和海南中蹄蝠的17 项外部形态和25 项头骨指标进行主成分分析和判别分析,并用Mega 5 软件比较了它们的线粒体Cyt b 基因序列的差异,结果表明广西和海南的中蹄蝠在外形及头骨形态上均有明显差异,两地中蹄蝠外形6 项指标、头骨10 项指标有明显差异的个体数超过75% ,两地样本的Cyt b 基因序列分歧度为3. 7% - 4.4%,外形、头骨及Cyt b 基因序列的差异均已达到亚种分类水平,海南和广西的中蹄蝠应为不同的亚种。

关键词: 中蹄蝠, 形态特征, Cyt b 基因序列