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New bat record from Guangdong Province in China — Arielulus circumdatus (Temminck,1840)

ZHANG Libiao,LIU Qi,SHEN Qiqi,ZHU Guangjian,CHEN Yi,ZHAO Jiao,LIU Hui,SUN Yunxiao,GONG Yuening,LI Chaorong   

  1. Guangdong Entomological Institute
  • Online:2014-08-15 Published:2014-11-26
  • Contact: ZHANG Libiao


张礼标 刘奇 沈琪琦 朱光剑 陈毅 赵娇 刘会 孙云霄 龚粤宁 李超荣   

  1. 广东省昆虫研究所
  • 通讯作者: 张礼标
  • 基金资助:
    广东省昆虫研究所创新人才基金(GDEI - cxrc201303 ), 广州市珠江科技新星专项(2011J2200027)

Abstract: Three bats (2 males and 1 female)were collected in Babao Mountain (24°55'43.4″N,113° 0′57. 0″E,1 000 ma.s.l),Guangdong Nanling National Nature Reserve,Guangdong Province,China in July,2013. These bats are middle size,with 40. 4 - 41. 6 mm forearm length,and 16. 0 -16. 1 mm greatest length of skull. The pelage was characteristic.On the dorsum,the basal hairs are black,with distinctive yellow-ferruginous and shiny tips. On the abdomen,the basal hairs are black and brown,with paler tips,and differ among throat,chest and abdomen. The tragus is broad with lunar to kidney shape. The margins of the ears and tragus are palm and pale color. These bats were identified as Arielulus circumdatus (Temminck,1840),was and are the first records from Guangdong Province. Previous records suggested that this bat species was only found in Yunnan Province in China,and with very few specimens. The features of morphological structure and the skull of these specimens are given in this paper,and compared with specimens from Yunnan and SE Asia. We also recorded the echolocation calls of these bats,and discuss the taxonomy and distribution of this bat species in China. The specimens were kept in Guangdong Entomological Institute.

Key words: Arielulus circumdatus, Chiroptera (Bat), Guangdong Province, New record

关键词: 大黑伏翼, 翼手目(蝙蝠), 广东省, 新纪录