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Genetic divergence of the leopard cat in Korea (Prionailurus bengalensis) from other leopard cats and the Iriomote cat (P. iriomotensis):IRBP,12S rRNA,and Cytochrome b sequences analyses

KOH Hung Sun ,KWEON Gu Hee,HAM Eui Jeong,JANG Kyung Hee,YANG Beong Guk   

  1. Department of Biology,Chungbuk University
  • Online:2014-11-17 Published:2015-02-06
  • Contact: KOH Hung Sun E - mail:

韩国豹猫与其它豹猫及西表猫之间的遗传分化:基于IRBP、12S rRNA 和Cyt b 序列的分析

KOH Hung Sun ,KWEON Gu Hee,HAM Eui Jeong,JANG Kyung Hee,YANG Beong Guk   

  1. Department of Biology,Chungbuk University
  • 通讯作者: KOH Hung Sun E - mail:

Abstract: We obtained IRBP,12S rRNA,and Cytochrome b (Cyt b)sequences of the leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) from Korea,and these sequences were compared to the corresponding sequences of the leopard cat and the Iriomote cat,P. iriomotensis,obtained from GenBank,to reexamine genetic divergence of Korean leopard cats from both other leopard cats and Iriomote cats. First,from IRBP,12S rRNA,and Cyt b sequencing analyses with 18 Korean leopard cats,six alleles, one haplotype,and three haplotypes were identified,respectively,and we concluded that past bottleneck events that occurred in Korean leopard cats,is a plausible cause for the differential loss of genotypes detected in this study. Based on Cyt b sequence analysis we confirmed that East Asian leopard cats form a clade,and we found that former and present Cyt b sequencing results support a previous classification that recognized P bengalensis from East Asia as P. euptilurus. Finally,we detected identical sequences in the IRBP and 12S rRNA genes between specimens of P bengalensis from Korea and those of P. iriomotensis,supporting widespread treatment of the Iriomote cat as conspecific with P. bengalensis.

Key words: DNA systematics, Korea, Nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, Population bottleneck, Prionailurus bengalensis, P. iriomotensis

摘要: 利用韩国豹猫的IRBP、12S rRNA 和细胞色素b (Cyt b)序列,并将其与GenBank 中的豹猫及西表猫的上述基因进行比较,以此来重新分析韩国豹猫和其它豹猫及西表猫之间的遗传分化情况。首先,我们从18 只韩国豹猫的IRBP、12S rRNA 和Cyt b 序列分析中分别检测到6 个等位基因、1 个单倍型和3 个单倍型,推测曾经发生
在豹猫种群的瓶颈事件可能是本文发现的不同分子标记之间存在基因型丢失差异的原因。基于Cyt b 序列分析,证实东亚的豹猫形成一个单独的进化枝,本文得到的Cyt b 序列和之前发布结果支持一个分类理论,即认为东亚的豹猫就是东北森林猫。我们发现在IRBP、12S rRNA 基因上,韩国豹猫和西表猫存在相同的序列,支持将西表猫和豹猫视为同一物种。

关键词: 种群瓶颈, 核基因和线粒体DNA, 豹猫, DNA 系统分类学, 西表猫, 韩国