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Expression and characteristic analysis of LIFR gene in yak ovary during the reproductive cycle

YU Yao,PAN Yangyang,CUI Yan,WEI Bo,TIAN Feng,HE Junfeng,FAN Jiangfeng,YU Sijiu   

  1. College of Veterinary Medicine,Gansu Agricultural University
  • Online:2014-11-17 Published:2015-02-06
  • Contact: YU Sijiu

牦牛LIFR 基因的克隆及其在繁殖周期卵巢中的表达

禹尧 潘阳阳 崔燕 魏博 田枫 何俊峰 樊江峰 余四九   

  1. 甘肃农业大学动物医学院
  • 通讯作者: 余四九
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: Combination of leukemia inhibitory factor receptor (LIFR)with leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF)is very important in the process of mammalian reproduction, mammalian ovulation,embryo development,and embryo implantation. For further research into the role LIFR in the ovary,this study aims to clone yak LIFR cDNA using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT - PCR),the sequences characteristics were analyzed,and LIFR gene expression in the ovary examined by real time quantitative PCR in the ovary during the reproductive cycle. Our study obtained a complete cDNA sequences of 3 329 bp of LIFR gene of yak with a deduced protein consisting of 1 095 amino acids that are highly homologogous with other species. The LIFR gene is higher during pregnancy than other stages. The results of this study indicate that the LIFR genes is evolutionarily conserved and plays an important role during the reproductive cycle.

Key words: Characteristic analysis, Leukemia inhibitory factor receptor (LIFR), Ovary, RT-PCR, Yak (Bos grunniens)

摘要: 白血病抑制因子受体(LIFR)与白血病抑制因子(LIF)结合,在排卵、胚胎发育及胚胎附植等过程中起重要的调节作用,与哺乳动物生殖过程密切相关。为进一步研究白血病抑制因子受体(LIFR)基因在卵巢中的表达,本研究对牦牛LIFR 基因进行克隆和序列分析,并利用RT-PCR 技术研究其在繁殖周期卵巢中的表达情况。本研究克隆得到牦牛3 329 bp 的LIFR 基因cDNA 序列,内含3 288 bp 开放阅读框序列。与家牛的相应序列具有很高的同源性(99 5% ),表明LIFR 基因在进化过程中较为保守。实时定量RT-PCR 检测LIFR 基因在繁殖周期卵巢中的表达,结果显示卵巢中LIFR 基因在妊娠期表达最强。表明LIFR 基因在牦牛繁殖周期中具有不可忽视的作用。

关键词: 牦牛, 白血病抑制因子受体(LIFR), 特征分析, 卵巢, RT-PCR