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Light microscope structure of Vormela peregusna kidney and expression of AQP1,2 in kidney

ZHANG Chunyan,HOU Tiande,XU Dengcui,DING Weigang,ZHANG Huiying   

  1. College of Agriculture and Biotechnology of Hexi University
  • Online:2014-11-17 Published:2015-02-06
  • Contact: HOU Tiande

虎鼬肾组织结构及水通道蛋白1,2 的表达

张春燕 侯天德 徐登翠 丁卫刚 张慧瑛   

  1. 河西学院农业与生物技术学院
  • 通讯作者: 侯天德
  • 基金资助:
    甘肃省科技计划资助项目(1304FKCG103 ); 甘肃省教育厅研究生导师科研项目(0801 - 06)

Abstract: Indices such as many kinds of blood inorganic ions and urea nitrogen were measured in this paper. The histological structure of kidney in Vormela peregusna was examined by using biological microscopy. The expression of Aquaporin1,2 (AQP1,2)was tested using immunohistochemical and stereological quantitative methods,and the expression intensity of Aquaporin1,2 (AQP1,2)was analyzed by using image pro-plus (IPP)image software. The results show that the concentration of K+ ,Na + ,Cl- ,Ca 2 + in serum of Vormela peregusna is higher than that in rat,however P 3+ is lower than that in rat.Creatinine,glucose and total cholesterol in serum also are higher than those in rat. Urea nitrogen is much higher than that in rat,and may be related to living in the Minqing Gansu desert and eating rodents that have high protein content. The degree of concentration of urine is high because the ratio of medulla and cortex is 3. 65∶ 1 and medulla is wide. AQP1 positive cells were expressed in the epithelium of proximal the convoluted tubule and thin segments of the medullary loop,and AQP2 was mainly expressed in epithelial cells of collecting ducts. Thus,AQP1,2 may play an important
role water reabsorption by the kidney and the concentration of urine,which regulated by the water balance of kidney.

Key words: Immunohistochemistry, The histological structure of kidney, The expression of aquaporin 1,2 protein, Vormela peregusna

关键词: 虎鼬, 血清指标, 肾组织结构, 水通道蛋白1,2 的表达, 免疫组织化学