ACTA Theriologica Sinica ›› 2015, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (3): 321-327.

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Storage duration of urinary steroid hormones of golden snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana)

CHENG Haochun, FAN Penglai, YAO Hui, WANG Zhenlong, YANG Wanji, YANG Jingyuan, XIANG Zuofu   

  1. College of Life Science and Technology, Central South University of Forestry & Technology
  • Online:2015-08-13 Published:2015-11-15
  • Contact: XIANG Zuofu;


陈浩春 范鹏来 姚辉 王振龙 杨万吉 杨敬元 向左甫#br#   

  1. 中南林业科技大学生命科学与技术学院
  • 通讯作者: 向左甫;
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: Analyzing steroid hormones in urine has been widely used in monitoring the physiology, health, and reproductive status of wildlife. Urine samples that are collected in the field must be stored before they are transferred and analyzed in the laboratory. Urinary steroid hormone metabolites vary across different species, necessitating different guidelines for storage duration and conditions. In this paper, 21 total urine samples from six adult golden snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus roxellana) were used to validate the standard sample storage duration. The results indicate that testosterone and progesterone from males at 4 ℃ can be stored up to 7 days, while estradiol from females can be stored for less than 3 days. Under -20 ℃, testosterone samples from males did not change significantly within 60 days. Testosterone, progesterone, and estradiol levels in the female samples did not change significantly within 60, 45, and 60 days, respectively. We conclude that keeping urine samples under -20 ℃ is an effective and reliable preservation method for the golden snub-nosed monkey.

Key words: Estradiol, Progesterone, Rhinopithecus roxellana, Testosterone, Urine

摘要: 尿液类固醇激素检测已经广泛运用于野生动物的生理机能、健康状况和繁殖状态的研究,由于分析条件以及样品采集时间限制,一般尿液样品需保存一段时间后才能在实验室分析,不同物种尿液类固醇在不同保存条件的保存时效有差异。本研究利用2只成年雄性和4只成年雌性的尿液样品共21份,确定了川金丝猴尿液类固醇的保存时效和保存方法。结果表明:4 ℃时,雄性川金丝猴尿液睾酮、雌性尿液睾酮、孕酮的保存时效为7d左右;雌性尿液雌二醇的保存时效在3d以内。-20 ℃时,雄性川金丝猴尿液中睾酮的含量在60d内保持稳定;雌性尿液中睾酮、孕酮和雌二醇的含量在60d、45d、60d内保持稳定。?20 ℃保存川金丝猴尿液样品是一种有效、可靠的方法。

关键词: 川金丝猴, 尿液, 睾酮, 孕酮, 雌二醇, 保存时效