ACTA THERIOLOGICA SINICA ›› 2020, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (1): 81-86.DOI: 10.16829/j.slxb.150359

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Standardized terminology in primatology: an example of α-male replacement

LU Jiqi 1,2, TIAN Jundong 1,2   

  1. (1 Institute of Biodiversity and Ecology, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, China)
    (2 Taihangshan Macaque Research Center, Jiyuan 459000, China)
  • Online:2020-01-30 Published:2020-01-19


路纪琪1,2  田军东1,2   

  1. (1郑州大学生物多样性与生态学研究所,郑州450001)
  • 通讯作者: 路纪琪 E-mail:


Expression and utilization of standardized terminology is critical for scientific communication, and it is also beneficial for supporting discipline construction, ensuring the coordinated development of modern science and technology, maintaining the health of national language, inheriting Chinese culture, and promoting social progress, etc. Though Primatology in China has been developing rapidly though it has started late. Remarkable progress have been made after the 19th Congress of the International Primatoligical Society held in Beijing, China in 2002. Many terminology in primatological field have been introduced to China with wide and deep cooperation and communication with international colleagues. We introduced, taking an example of α-male replacement, the standardized expression in Chinese of 5 types of α-male replacement: (1) Takeover, (2) Rank reversal, (3) Succession, (4) Waltz-in, and (5) Fission. These terms were suggested to be used by researchers in China. We aimed to enhance the awareness of expression and utilization of standardized terminology, and to suggest gradually establishing the theoretical system of primatology in China.

Key words: Primatology, Alpha-male replacement, Standardized terminology, Social hierarchy


术语是科学概念的约定性语言符号,是科技信息交流的工具。中国的灵长类学研究虽然起步较晚,但发展迅速。在研究过程中,学者们广泛参阅、借鉴国际同行的研究成果,并引入了一些灵长类学专业术语。科学、规范、准确、明晰的表达理应成为学者们的共识,而这对信息的沟通与交流至关重要。本文阐述了科学研究术语规范化表述的重要性,并基于文献梳理,介绍了非人灵长类社会中α-雄性更替(α-male replacement)的主要类型之术语及其含义,建议国内研究者使用:(1)取代(Takeover);(2)等级反转(Rank reversal);(3)继承(Succession);(4)补缺(Waltz-in);(5)分群(Fission)。文中还讨论了影响α-雄性更替的主要因素。

关键词: 灵长类学, Alpha-雄性更替, 规范化术语, 社会等级