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WEI Fuwen1, XU Guangzan1, HU Jinchu1, LI Pei2   

  1. 1. Nanchong Normal College Sichuan;
    2. Wolong Natural Reserve, China
  • Online:2011-11-23 Published:2011-11-22


魏辅文1, 许光瓒1, 胡锦矗1, 李蓓2   

  1. 1. 南充师范学院珍稀动植物研究所;
    2. 四川卧龙自然保护区

Abstract: This paper reports the age determination methods for giant panda. The results are as follows:Having studied the incisor sections of known-age panda specimens,we find their age in years corresponds to the number of cementum annuli. The true age of a panda can be obtained by adding one to the number of cementum annuli,as the incisors drop away after they are one-year-old.Having studied the wear of molars we find the older the panda is, the more the molars wear. According to the wear of molars and skull growth we can divide the panda into six age classes: 0-2 years old, 3-4,5-9,10-14,15-19 and 20-26. It's more convenient to determine approximate age in the field by age classes without sectioning the incisors.

Key words: Age determination, Giant panda, Age group

摘要: 本文根据大熊猫门齿齿骨质年轮线数目鉴定了大熊猫的实际年龄,并按其头骨各骨缝的生长愈合情况及臼齿磨损程度将大熊猫划分为6个年龄组。

关键词: 年龄鉴定, 大熊猫, 年龄组