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Molecular phylogeography of bats in China

LIN Aiqing,SUN Keping,FENG Jiang   

  1. Jilin Key Laboratory of Animal Resource Conservation and Utilization,Northeast Normal University
  • Online:2014-08-15 Published:2014-11-26
  • Contact: FENG Jiang


林爱青 孙克萍 冯江   

  1. 东北师范大学
  • 通讯作者: 冯江
  • 基金资助:
    国家自然科学基金资助项目(31030011 ,31270414,31370399 ); 高等学校博士学科点专项科研基金优先发展领域课题(20120043130002)

Abstract: Molecular phylogeography has grown explosively during the last twenty-five years and has been a pioneering field in evolution and ecology. The Chiroptera are characterized by special phenotypic traits and ecological attributes. Phylogeographical studies can shed light on the population genetic status,patterns of geographical distribution and corresponding causes in bats. This study summarizes molecular phylogeographical research on Chinese bats,especially focusing on the species studied,the methods used,the focal topics and the results achieved. We also address future directions for the field.

Key words: Bat, Biogeography, Genetic diversity, Genetic structure, Population history, Species conservation

摘要: 近25 年,分子系统地理学研究发展迅速,成为进化及生态学领域一研究热点。翼手目动物具有独特的表型特征和生态属性。对其开展分子系统地理学研究有助于揭示该类群种群遗传现状、地理分布格局及其形成过程。本文从研究种类、方法、内容及成果方面总结了我国翼手类分子系统地理学研究进展,并分析了今后应完善的方面。

关键词: 蝙蝠, 生物地理, 遗传多样性, 遗传结构, 种群历史;物种保护