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Human-large mammals conflicts:A new challenge of wildlife conservation

CAI Jing,JIANG Zhigang   

  • Online:2006-06-07 Published:2008-07-07

人与大型兽类的冲突: 野生动物保护所面临的新挑战

蔡 静, 蒋志刚   

  1. 中国科学院动物研究所, 北京,

Abstract: Human-mammals conflict has become a problem worldwide. It not only brings damage to those people who live near the wildlife,but also causes problems to the conservation for wildlife. Main species causing problems include the wildelephants in Africa and Asia,the deer in North America and most of the large and median sized carnivores worldwide. The factors causing human and large mammals conflicts include the human population increases,wildlife habitat losses,change of land use pattern and wildlife population growth after effective implementation of conservation measures. Quite often several factors are involved in the human-large mammals conflicts. To resolve this problem,the government should enhance the management of large mammals and try to reduce the damage caused by those wild animals. On the other hand,the government
should care the indigenous communities that are near the nature reserves and to help to develop the local economy while raising conservation awareness in the indigenous communities.

Key words: Behavior, Conflicts, Mammal

摘要: 人和大型兽类的冲突已经成为人们日益关注的问题。野生动物损害庄稼,捕食家畜,甚至危及到人身安全。人兽冲突增加了野生兽类保护工作的困难。目前,导致人兽冲突比较典型的物种包括野生非洲象和野生亚洲象、绝大多数食肉动物和鹿类等等。引发人和大型兽类冲突的具体原因包括人口增长、野生动物栖息地丧失、土地利用方式的改变以及实施保护后野生动物种群的恢复,多数情况是多种因素共同作用的结果。减少人和大型兽类的冲突应从两方面着手:加强野生兽类管理,利用各种方法减缓损失;另一方面,关注当地社区,在提高当地人的保护意识的同时也要提高当地的经济水平。

关键词: 兽类, 冲突, 行为