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The genetic diversity and evolution of MHC classⅡ-DRB genes in Rhinolophus sinicus

ZHAO Yunjiao ,LI Dan,XU Yuzhuo,ZHU Yiran   

  1. College of Animal Science and Technology ,Jilin Agricultural University
  • Online:2014-08-15 Published:2014-11-26
  • Contact: ZHAO Yunjiao

中华菊头蝠MHCⅡ-DRB 基因遗传多态性及进化

赵云蛟 李丹 徐玉琸 朱屹然   

  1. 吉林农业大学动物科学技术学院
  • 通讯作者: 赵云蛟
  • 基金资助:
    教育部博士后基金项目(20070410999 ); 吉林省科技厅自然科学基金项目(20130101099JC)

Abstract: Sixteen Rhinolophus sinicus individuals from the same population in Yunnan Province were investigated for DRB gene polymorphism and molecular evolution.Bat genomic DNA was extracted from the wing membrane. The DRB genes were cloned with PCR. From the 16 bats,two types of DRB sequences,A and B,with a 3 bp difference were identified: the type A sequence was determined to be 263 bp with 15 alleles;the type B sequence was determined to be 260 bp with 8 alleles. Among the 74 amino acid mutation loci analyzed,twelve positive selection loci were identified. The alleles with the
highest distribution frequency were detected in 9 bats,while multiple alleles were detected in only a single bat. At the individual level,the maximum number of DRB alleles was determined to be 6. The DRB genes showed a higher level of polymorphism. There were at least 3 repeat loci in the MHCⅡ-DRB genes. Based on a phylogenetic tree derived from the DRB exon2 sequences published in Chiroptera,it was concluded that the Rhinolophus sinicus species constituted an independent branch in evolution.

Key words: DRB, Genetic diversity, Major histocompatibility complex (MHC), Rhinolophus sinicus

摘要: 采样自云南同一种群的中华菊头蝠共16 个个体,用于DRB 基因的分子进化和多态性研究。利用翼膜组织提取DNA 基因组,并PCR 克隆测序分析。获得了相差3 bp 的两种不同长度序列类型,A 序列类型263 bp,在研究群体中有15 个等位基因;B 序列类型260 bp,在研究群体中有8 个等位基因。在分析的74 个氨基酸变异位点上检测到12 个正向选择位点。在9 个个体中检测到分布频率最高的等位基因,也有多个等位基因只存在一个个体中。单个个体中最多存在6 个等位基因。遗传多态性分析表明中华菊头蝠DRB 基因具有较高的多态性。中华菊头蝠DRB 基因可能至少存在3 个重复座位。利用已发表的翼手目DRB 第二外显子序列构建的系统进化树表明中华菊头蝠MHCⅡ-DRB 基因处于独立进化支。

关键词: 中华菊头蝠, 主要组织相容性复合体(MHC), DRB, 遗传多样性